Turning data into action.


We use cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative research techniques to help clients build winning messages, refine language, and target resources efficiently.

We care about the issues and we care about our clients.

Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys remain the strongest pure diagnostic tool. By dialing a majority of respondents on mobile phones and rigorously matching our sample to the demographics of our target population, we collect the most accurate snapshot of the current landscape, and the most credible results for public release to donors or press.

Online Surveys

Online research unlocks the power of advanced message testing tools, including Maximum Difference scaling (MaxDiff). We use online testing to craft messages that gives you maximum reach, and to create visualizations that identify effective versus ineffective word choices.

Online Qualitative

We use a variety of online qualitative tools to understand the why, not just the whatWe use three-day discussions among small groups to generate rich feedback on language and creative materials. We also use shorter, live discussions with larger samples that leverage AI to take qualitative research from anecdotal to actionable

Live Qualitative

In-person focus groups among target audiences help provide a valuable qualitative foundation for broader research plans. Groups are segmented by various demographics and are conducted in geographic areas of focus.

Creative Testing

We use mobile-friendly online testing to identify which creative executions work, and how we can make them better. We leverage innovative testing techniques that combine quantitative results with qualitative feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Market Research

Impact employs a full suite of market research techniques for businesses and candidates alike. We offer Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff) and conjoint analysis which force respondents to prioritize features or characteristics. We offer Van Westendorp PSMs, and create actionable segmentation analyses that help organize our thinking about targeting.