data that makes

a difference

Impact Research is a proud ally and asset to progressive causes and campaigns around the globe, bringing our team’s expertise and insight to bear on the forefront of political and corporate action. It’s not hyperbole: When we elect candidates or guide institutional policy, we make a real impact on peoples’ lives. Our work doesn’t stop at the numbers. At Impact, we get to the heart of public opinion, bringing you analysis that understands what everyday, hard-working people need most. Get research that matters. Get Impact. 

Electing Democrats in the toughest districts

Advancing progressive causes

Electing presidents

Cutting-edge techniques

International and corporate experience

Accurate Data

We deliver a precise snapshot of the current public opinion environment for your campaign, issue, or business.


Message Development

We use rigorous message testing to craft the most authentic and persuasive language for your communications.

Advanced Targeting

We run advanced persuasion exercises to identify the most efficient targets, so you can communicate with maximum reach.

Meet The Team

Our forward-thinking team is dedicated to creating conversation, breaking boundaries, and building understanding to achieve our clients’ missions. With decades of experience and a variety of backgrounds, our group of experts will bring a fresh perspective to your project.

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